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Fight against illegality

The AAMS, with the Director’s Decree of 2 January 2007, and in implementing the provisions of art. 1 of the 2006 Italian Budget Law, has established new rules to protect public order, players, minors and authorised gaming operators (“concessionaries”). In Italy, gaming regulations unequivocally distinguish between games that are forbidden and those that are allowed; offering the former, on the part of any subject whatsoever and in any form whatsoever, is absolutely banned; offering the latter is allowed pursuant to special concession, authorisation, licence or other authorising deed. In particular, in order to contrast the increasing illegal phenomena, such as fraud, linked to the distribution of remote gaming, AAMS’s action is directed to fully regulate the sector, in order to favour both the offer of new types of remote entertainment and an effective suppression of illegal gaming. Its action is mainly focused on detecting and blocking gaming websites lacking the required authorisation; in this field, the Administration leads Europe.

To report illegal gaming sites : giochi.segnalazione.siti[at]
(replace [at] with @ )

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